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Your Little Voice

Do you hear that voice? If you close your eyes and listen for a second, you will hear a voice. What is that voice saying? Is that voice using nice, positive words, or is it using negative and unkind words? Notice how loud it is. Notice what it is saying to you. Notice how you feel after hearing your voice’s words. Do you feel worn out? Do you feel bummed out? Is your voice making up stories? Is your voice telling you that you can’t do something? Is your little voice telling you that you aren’t good enough? You aren’t pretty enough? You aren’t skinny enough?

Now take a moment and tell your voice that you love it. Make your voice your friend. Explain that you want to be your voice’s friend and you want to only send yourself love.

Yes, I know this sounds a little schizophrenic but we are all a little schizophrenic with the voices in our head. I believe in order to move ahead in our lives we need to make friends with the voices in our heads. We need to create a dialogue with them. I strongly recommend you watch the wonderful Disney movie, “Inside Out”--it helps us understand what our voices do. It gives you a visual of the process that is constantly unfolding inside our heads.

Mediation is also a great tool to help quiet your voices. During your meditation, find a way to send your voices love.

I believe that 90% of the issues in our lives stem from believing our own voices telling really negative things. If a friend told us half the things our head tells us we would dump that friend. Make your voice your friend: you need to listen to your voice but you don’t always have to agree with it. Have a positive dialogue with your voice and explain to your voice that you want to be amazing.

The news has commentators who yell things at us--mostly very negative things. Their words go straight into our own personal dialogue. We listen to the news to inform us but most of the time you probably walk away feeling pretty terrible about yourself and your environment. Choose positive messages in your life, not negative messages. This will help your voice stay positive.

Be the captain of your ship. You have many choices in your life. Everyday you get to choose what you want to do, what you want to say, what you want to focus on. You are making these choices all the time, even when you are not aware of your choices. If you haven’t consciously made a choice today then now is the time to choose something, and I recommend you make a positive choice.

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