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Why I'm Excited About the Self Talk 7-Day Reset

Would you be embarrassed to share the thoughts you have about yourself out loud? I get it - I used to be that way too. I used to spend the majority of my day beating myself up emotionally until I learned there was another way. By learning to change my thoughts I drastically changed my life in ways that I never imagined. Yep that is possible!


If that sounds like y'all....I'm so excited to share this Self Talk 7-Day Reset with you! Think of the resets as a mini massage for your mind that you can do at home. You will learn skills to put in your life immediately to have an instant positive impact on your thoughts and feelings. Dive in and commit by PURCHASING ABOVE - it costs less than a week of your daily coffee habit! Click that purchase button as ONLY the first 10 people will get a free 30 minute coaching call with me ($200 value).


If you’re sick of thinking negative thoughts about yourself then this is for you! Don't won't wait until the new year for the new you!





Self Talk 7-Day Reset

Change your self talk and change your life! The inner dialogue that exists in your thought patterns and subconscious habits has great power over your happiness and success. In this 7-day reset you will learn to identify your self talk, learn how to make it positive, and practice putting your new inner script to work for yourself.

After you complete your purchase, within a few hours you will receive a welcome email and then daily emails for the following 7 days that contain exercises. Plan to spend about 10-45 minutes each day for the following 7 days, ideally in the morning.

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