I’m Candace Combs, and I can’t wait to help you succeed in business!

I'm a entrepreneur with over fifteen years experience running a successful small business in San Francisco. My passion is small business! By running a small business you are your own boss and you are able to contribute significantly to your community and to our greater economic structure. This is beautiful!


I want to empower more entrepreneurs to do what they love, successfully.


I am especially passionate about empowering women to run their own businesses and determine their own destinies. Too often, female voices are silenced or berated. I think as females in business we excel at offering compassion and an ability to collaborate, and I believe that collaboration is the only way to true success.

I Can't Wait To Help You Thrive!

I am great at getting around an obstacle. If you have an obstacle, I am going to come up with a solution.


What are blocks? To me, a block is a little voice inside your head that tells you that you're not good, you're never going to be good, you're never going to make enough money or have enough clients, and you're never going to be successful. I am amazing at helping people remove those blocks, first by pointing them out and then getting to the core of the beliefs -- finding out where they started and why they exist. My goal is to figure out how we can change the words and tone of your little voice.

Read more about my background, my services, or topics that interest me right now. You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I try to share positive, useful information that will help you grow.



I look forward to being part of your journey!


  Candace Combs







How I Help:

  • Share practical knowledge from 15+ years running a successful small business and merchant association.

  • Teach you how to find your ideal clients, whether through practical marketing techniques or by removing any mental blocks.

  • Help you hone and implement your ideas with a manageable plan of action.

  • Cultivate confidence and self-care to make sure you operate at your very best.