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Change your thoughts, change your life.


My practice is different from traditional coaching.  


I focus on getting clients through specific hard patches where they often already have an idea of what needs to get done, but do not know how to do it.  People come to me when they realize they do not have to do the hard parts alone. They need a guide, an advocate, a friend or maybe even a little tough love to overcome their particular challenge. Obvious examples are addressing addiction, ending unhealthy relationships, getting what you need and deserve out of work, building businesses, completing projects, or recovering from loss and trauma. Less obvious examples are quarterbacking renovations, uncoupling your life from a former partner, or adjusting your parenting style.  My practice does not talk about change, we change things.  

How I work: I am part coach, part therapist and part assistant. It's a style and approach that has been refined over many years, and over and over it has proven effective in helping people get through roadblocks.  

We begin by identifying the discomfort and how it shows up in your life. I listen and ask questions. Then we move beyond the surface level tension to find the root. This is accomplished over one or more discussions. Once we discover that root issue, we agree on what needs to change and we develop a plan of action together. After that I help make sure it gets done, whether you require motivation, accountability or assistance in moving it along. Our engagement lasts as long as you need it to but in most cases no less than a few weeks and no more than a few months. Once you are through it and where you wanted to be, you know where to find me for the next challenge life throws your way. 

The best voice for this are the people I have worked with. 

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"Candace is a born coach and mentor. She can see gifts in others that we often overlook. She kept telling me I should be a coach when I worked in the corporate world. 


I refused to accept this was a path for me and thought my current role was where I was meant to be. Fast forward a few years - I now have a thriving transformational coaching practice. I just wish I would have listened to her sooner. I highly recommend working with Candace - her unique approach will help you uncover the life of your dreams." 

- Jessie Patterson

Transformational Coach, NourishX 




You know there's something else waiting for you, but you don't know what it is and you don't know how to get there.


You're ready to face yourself. You're ready to see your truth and follow it wherever it wants to lead you.


Stress and anxiety can be caused by denying your path, affecting your health and happiness.


You will follow that call and follow this journey as though your life depends on it--because it does.


You're ready for the next step! You know there's a fantastic, inspiring life waiting for you and you don't want to waste another day.


You can't wait to find out what adventures and new ideas are in store for you!

"until you make the unconcious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."   -carl jung

The truth will set you free!


But we often run from the truth. We prefer the comfort and convenience of the status quo...until we don't. Until it is painfully apparent that the status quo is keeping us from a life we truly want to live, from our soul's purpose.  

In my practice of truth telling I take a hard, honest look at you and the life you are living. What do you believe? What's under that belief? What is separating you from your truth?

Digging into the shadow this way is not for the faint of heart. I work with brave, committed individuals who want to break through their blocks and create a new way of living. 

I am amazing at helping people remove those blocks, first by pointing them out and then getting to the core of the beliefs -- finding out where they started and why they exist.

I'd love to help you find your truth, and live your truth. Sign up for a free 15-meeting introductory call with me to experience this work firsthand and learn how it can change your life. 



Denying your truth can affect your wellness

Anxiety and stress break down the body’s defenses. A depressed immune system, migraines, skin issues, TMJ and other health issues can be triggered. This is what inspired me to study structural bodywork  with a focus on TMJ and migraine relief. It’s also what led me to open In-Symmetry Spa, offering results-driven services with a focus on sports and deep tissue massage.

ABOUT candace

My superpower is making things happen.

My path to success has not been typical, and it hasn’t always been easy. I like to get things done. Instead of college, I built a business.

I grew up in a loud Sicilian family in New Orleans, where I got kicked out of high school, took a few computer classes at a community college, then moved to San Francisco at the age of 20. I was working at Microsoft by age 25, and at 28 I was making six figures.


But I realized I didn’t like the 9-5 life and I didn’t like working at a desk, so at the age of 29 I took some massage classes and opened my own massage company that is still in business today, In-Symmetry Spa. I moved my practice to Los Angeles where I started working with celebrities in the music and film industry.


When I moved back to San Francisco I quickly built such a large practice that I had a three-week waiting list! I decided to start hiring other massage therapists to help me, and today that has grown into a spa that is open every day. (Before COVID we had 20 employees and now we have under 10 due to COVID.)

Operating a small business in San Francisco these days, as evidenced by the carpet of closed and failed shops, is not for the faint of heart. You need to overcome regulatory, personnel, energetic and financial hurdles constantly, and do it alone. To make this happen I learned to be tough, thoughtful, assertive, imaginative, and persistent. These are the same traits I lend you for our work.

The journey of growing my business has affected my personal life intensely. These days, I don't drink, I don't use drugs, and I don't smoke. Growing up in New Orleans I did all of those things — it's part of the culture! — but found my life was empty, going nowhere, and my relationships were not thriving and were not fulfilling. I decided to change my life and invited positive energy in: I took a leap, and landed somewhere beautiful. Along the way I began to advocate for people when I realized they needed the same help I did in navigating all the challenges and setbacks of life. I began to work with people who had a vision of what their life should look like, but needed someone else's strength to get them through. 

Today, my diet is very clean and healthy. I am passionate about self-help: massage, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, chiropractic, talk therapy—anything that clears you and helps you become the best self you can possibly be. I believe all these tools help you live your best life.

Now, as a Life Consultant, I want to help others build a fulfilling, successful life. Are you interested? Contact me to set up a time to talk about your blocks, and let’s see what we can build together.


I Can't Wait To Help You Thrive!

"With all of the anxiety I've been experiencing related to starting my own practice and living my life the way I want to, it's been tremendously reassuring to have Candace in my life. She's definitely pointed out things that were far more important to me than I realized, which has paved the way for a lot of growth and change."  
- Tom, San Francisco


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All sessions are available as video chat conferences. If you are in the San Francisco area we can arrange to meet in the city.



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