My path to success has not been typical, and it hasn’t always been easy. I grew up in New Orleans, where I got kicked out of high school, took a few computer classes at a community college, then moved to San Francisco at the age of 20. I was working at Microsoft by age 25, and at 28 I was making six figures.


But I realized I don’t like the 9-5 life and I don’t like working at a desk, so I took some massage classes and opened my own massage company at the age of 29. I moved to Los Angeles where I started working with celebrities in the film industry. When I moved back to San Francisco I quickly built such a large practice that I had a three week waiting list! I decided to start hiring other massage therapists to help me, and today that has grown into a spa that is open every day, with over 20 employees who help me run it!


However, in 2010 my business went down and for 1.5 years I had to fight to rebuild it. I fought with pretty much every agency in city government -- and I won! Now I have a bigger, better spa, thanks to my tenacity.

My superpower is making things happen.

I am extremely practical. Doing business in San Francisco is one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my life. The city truly does not embrace small business. But, I am great at navigating city government and bureaucracy! And I truly believe that small business is the backbone of our economy and that government--from local, to state, to federal--sometimes needs a nudge to cooperate with small business owners.

My journey with my business has affected my personal life intensely. These days, I don't drink, I don't use drugs, and I don't smoke. I did all of the above growing up in New Orleans—it's part of the culture! I found that my life was empty and going nowhere. My relationships were not thriving and were not fulfilling. I decided to change my life and invited positive energy in: I took a leap, and landed somewhere beautiful. Today, my diet is very clean and healthy. I am passionate about self-help: massage, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, chiropractic, talk therapy—anything that clears you and helps you become the best self you can possibly be. I believe all these tools help you live your best life.


Throughout this journey I’ve learned that I love being my own boss and working with employees. I love taking vacations and I don't mind working while I travel. One of my favorite things is to work while sitting on a beach! I’ve worked hard to cultivate passive income so that I don’t have to work myself to death.

What I like most is being in charge of my own destiny, every single day.

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Now, I want to help others build a fulfilling, successful life. Are you interested? Contact me to set up a time to talk about your business, and let’s see what we can build together.